Recommendations for the protection, cleaning and maintenance of powder coated aluminium profiles

Why is the protection of powder coated aluminium profiles important and what does the cleaning frequency depend on?

Correct care has a major influence in maintaining the appearance of the coating and extending its lifespan. Long term exposure to the elements can lead to signs of weathering such as loss of gloss, chalking and slight colour change.

Since the coating is usually exposed to a variety of environmental conditions depending on what weather it is exposed to, maintenance should be handled differently in different parts of the world. In countries where solar radiation is intense and many coastal areas exists, special care is required. Thus, at the level of prevention, we can avoid or minimize premature fading and loss of gloss, by specifying and using weatherable Super Durable powder coatings.

Definitions of environments and maintenance intervals:

EnvironmentsDescriptionSuggested maintenance
cleaning frequency
MildRural locations, away from the coastline and remote from industry and urban activityEvery 6 months
ModerateUrban locations, inland, away from heavy industrial activityEvery 3 months
SevereCoastal or marine locations, within 1,5km of the coast or subject to salt deposition and / or close proximity to industrial activityEvery 2-4 weeks

What is the correct process for cleaning the powder – coated surface and what should be avoided?


Carefully remove any loose deposits with a wet sponge. Always remove any sap, tree seeds, bugs, etc. as soon as possible, as sun exposure and heat will make them more difficult to remove. The cleaning process should not be carried out at temperatures higher than 30 °C, or under direct solar radiation.


Use a soft brush or cloth (non-abrasive), and a mild household or carwash detergent to remove other deposits. Do not use steel wool, scrapers, sandpaper, scouring liquids or powders as they will permanently scratch the coated surface. Please note that detergents that recommend the use of gloves when handling should be avoided as this is a good indication that the detergent is harsh, and therefore unsuitable for cleaning a powder coated surface.


After cleaning, rinse the film thoroughly with fresh water and wipe to dry. The use of drilling water is not recommended, as its content of minerals and salts can stain and cause color problems in the long run.


Do not use strong solvent type cleaners on the coating. Where is necessary to remove materials from the surface as paint or adhesives and a solvent is necessary, the weakest possible solvent should be used. The only solvents recommended are white spirits, turpentine, isopropanol or ethanol (alcohol). Ensure the contact time for the solvent is minimal, and that the solvent is thoroughly rinsed from the surface. It is strongly recommended that a small, inconspicuous test area be initially tested, to ensure that no colour change or damage will be caused.


Where more aggressive cleaning is required, a very mild abrasive such a high quality automotive cream polish, may be necessary used in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions. The use of strongly abrasive compounds is not recommended. Caution! In metallic and non-metallic paints it is not possible to use harsh cleaning methods as even mild abrasive cleaners can damage the paint. Any cleaning or repair resulting from the use of abrasive or scrubbing should be avoided, as it will result in discoloration, discoloration and, consequently, irreparable damage to the paint and deterioration of the profile.


If lubricant is used on the aluminium systems accessories during maintenance, immediately clean the lubricant from the coated surface with a damp cloth. Otherwise, there is a risk of discoloration if the coated surface stained with lubricant is exposed to the sun.


One of the advantages of Super Durable powder coatings with fine textured finish is the low dirt pick – up due to the especially designed surface The use of abrasives, mild or hard is not recommended. Clean the surface according to the instructions above.

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