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Color Charts

Architectural Coatings

New Prisma Collection
50 Super Durable Special Effect Powder Coatings

The Prisma color collection has been updated. Continuing its long-standing successful presence, it aims to provide a holistic approach for any architectural need as well as contemporary design trends.
The Prisma collection was created according to the market’s current demand for high quality technological products and consists of three individual series; Sahara, Riviera, and Cosmos. The series’ colors combine aesthetics with high responsive behavior to harsh outdoor conditions and high mechanical durability to impact, scratching, and friction. All colors of the collection are certified with the international quality label Qualicoat (Class 2). Super durable powder coatings are at least 3 times more resistant in outdoor conditions compared to standard powder coatings.

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The Ammos Collection

The RAL shades of Ammos Collection with fine texture finish, combine excellent behaviour in outdoor conditions with high mechanical properties and outstanding appearance. The color shades are at least three times more resistant than RAL Gloss and RAL Matt and are approved according to Qualicoat, Class2.

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The RAL Metallic Collection

The RAL Metallic Collection includes 22 color shades and two thematic series, Pearl Effect and Grey Metallic. The collection is based on high quality, satin-gloss and matt architectural polyester systems and is approved according to Qualicoat, Class1 and GSB Standard.

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The RAL Matt Polyester Collection

The 44 color shades of the collection combine aesthetics with very good mechanical properties. The Matt colors are based on especially selected polyester resins with very good behaviour in outdoor conditions. The RAL Matt Polyester Collection is approved according to Qualicoat, Class1 and GSB Standard.

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Industrial Coatings

The Industrial Design Collection

Neokem introduces the renewed “Industrial Design Collection”, a series of polyester powder coatings with metallic effects. Suitable for exterior and interior use, the collection has a wide range of applications.
The Industrial Design Collection combines the timelessness of the classical design approach, with dynamic contemporary trends. Twenty-six color shades in three thematic groups aim to highlight industrial aesthetics and upgrade the image of the final product.
Key benefits of the renewed Industrial Design Collection:

  • Intense metallic effect, in a wide variety of textures and gloss levels
  • Mostly bonded products, with the unique advantages for our proprietary Neobond technology
  • Vast majority of products does not require an additional clear-coat layer for exterior use
  • Ease of use and application stability, without any compromise in aesthetics
  • Products available in stock

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RAL Classic

The wide range of NEOKEM products covers most of the RAL Classic color palette in different textures and gloss levels.

They are available both for architectural and industrial applications.

To learn more about our availability, please contact us.

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