NEOKEM for Aluminum Fabricators

Since 1972, at NEOKEM we produce industrial colors of high standards and offer innovative solutions for architectural applications, based on the needs of our partners.

Taking into consideration that architectural applications are most demanding, we provide aluminum fabricators with a wide range of solutions. We supply a complete collection of powder coatings for aluminum architectural systems, based on research, innovation and specialization.

NEOKEM and the important role of the modern aluminum fabricator

The modern aluminum fabricator, in collaboration with the architect and the homeowner, select the aluminum systems and the color that combine great aesthetics with high durability, while offering the best value for money.

At NEOKEM, we design and develop high quality powder coatings in cooperation with well-known aluminum fabricators and architects. We produce powder coatings that reflect the current market needs for superior quality, durability in outdoor conditions and high resistance to scratches and abrasion.
Thus, the aluminum fabricator has the choice to select from an extensive product range of contemporary, classic, popular, and special shades, that offer outstanding aesthetics – especially in the corner mitre cuts – and great ease in construction, transportation, and installation.

Why should I pay particular attention when selecting the powder coating?

NEOKEM has a complete range of powder coatings including industrial and architectural powder coatings.

Find out which series architectural (Architectural Series of Powder Coatings) or industrial (Industrial Powder Coatings Series) is more suitable for your own application.

For the most demanding architectural applications, we recommend our Super Durable collections, Prisma & Ammos.

Powder coating in architectural aluminum systems is one of the most important factors in the aesthetics of the architectural construction, while it also determines its appearance over time. The excessive and consistent exposure of the powder coatings to UV radiation can cause various signs of damages such as discoloration, fading, poor color retention and chalking. Unfortunately, once these damages begin to occur, they are irreparable. Whenever the environmental conditions are harsh, (e.g.: high levels of sunlight, harmful UV radiation) we can avoid or minimize premature fading and loss of gloss by specifying and using weatherable Super Durable powder coatings.

Super Durable powder coatings are at least three times more UV resistant than standard powder coatings. They protect, aesthetically enhance, and add value to the constructions.

In the official Natural Weathering Test that takes place in Florida in the United States, powder coated panels are tested for color and gloss retention. They are exposed for 12 months for Class 1 certification and 36 months for Class 2 certification.

How do I benefit from Super Durable Powder coatings?

Excellent durability in outdoor conditions lead to long-term color retention and long-term aesthetic value reducing the maintenance cost.

Excellent resistance to mechanical properties such as scratches and abrasion.

Outstanding appearance especially in the «corner mitre cuts».

Low dirt pick-up due to the especially designed surface.
For more information on protecting, cleaning and maintaining powder coated aluminium profiles, please refer to the following guidelines.

Perfect look to protect, aesthetically enhance, and add value to the constructions.

Wide range of contemporary, classic, and popular color shades.

Great ease in construction, transportation, and installation.

Affordability. Our advanced products meet the preferences of the market, while offering the best value for money solution, combining affordability and long-lasting durability.

Service. We swiftly respond to the requests of our customers in the best possible way through our extensive international network of subsidiaries and sales partners.

Environmentally friendly. Our products are environmentally friendly, free of toxic substances as we stay up to date with the latest developments regarding sustainability.

Which Super Durable powder coatings collections does ΝΕΟΚΕΜ recommend?

Prisma Collection
Special Effect Super Durable Powder Coatings

The collection consists of three unique thematic series and includes 50 unique color shades on matt and fine-textured metallic surfaces.

Sahara & Riviera:

Impressive color shades with a fine texture metallic effect finish.


Dynamic shades with a metallic effect on a matt surface finish and new, modern shades with a fine texture metallic effect finish.

All colors of the collection are certified with the international quality label Qualicoat, Class 2. Super Durable powder coatings are at least three times more resistand in outdoor conditions compared to standard powder coatings (Qualicoat, Class 1).

See the Prisma Collection Color Chart.

Ammos Collection
RAL Super Durable powder coatings

The RAL Super Durable shades of the Ammos Collection are at least three times more weather resistant than smooth, standard durability colors, such as glossy and matt, Qualicoat, Class 1.

The Ammos shades are certified with the international quality label Qualicoat, Class 2.

See the Ammos Collection Color Chart.

What is the benefit of the aluminum fabricator from his collaboration with NEOKEM?

We apply our skills and experience to support our partners through continuous communication, collaboration, and education.

We provide fabricators with color charts and color samples, that help choose the right color shade, as well as product specifications and technical brochures.

If you have any questions or requests about our company, products, and services, please feel free to contact us: click here.

What are the main Certificates that NEOKEM Powder Coatings have?

Choosing a certified product, ensures a minimum level of compatibility between product specifications and the needs of a specific application or market sector. Certified products are mostly designed with an improved performance and extended lifetime, resulting to a better protection and extended lifetime of the final product. NEOKEM is an active member in several quality organizations of our branch, participating in boards, committees and working groups that aim to ensure a continuous, overall quality improvement.

NEOKEM applies certified quality and environmental management systems as per ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. The polyester powder coatings series for architectural applications of NEOKEM are approved according to Qualicoat by the European Aluminum Association. Certain product series are also approved according to the standards of GSB International Organization, while the Sublimation base coats for wood decoration bear the Qualideco certificate.

NEOKEM, also provides solutions certified with the International Quality Standard of Qualisteelcoat, related to two-layer powder coating systems on steel surfaces, in various categories of corrosive environments, for architectural or industrial applications.

In the link below you can find and download the certificates.

A Stable and Uniform result

Our Research & Development department combines creative thinking with technological expertise. Therefore, we turn our customers’ demands for innovation and advanced technology into high quality products.

We have invested in a proprietary Bonding process. Using state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced Bonding technology – Neobond, we produce super durable powder coatings that offer color consistency, uniformity during application and aesthetic results of high standards.

Are NEOKEM products in stock?

At NEOKEM we ensure that all products that appear in our latest collections are readily available for job coaters and OEMs, through our extensive sales network of subsidiaries and sales partners. Therefore, we keep in stock and deliver a wide range of powder coatings in several international markets, to ensure a high level of availability to the aluminum fabricators.

Application of NEOKEM powder coatings on modern and distinctive buildings

NEOKEM produces powder coatings since 1987. Our long-term presence in the market and our cooperation with aluminum system manufacturers, coaters, contemporary architects and fabricators has resulted in the use of NEOKEM powder coatings to numerous modern and emblematic buildings.

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