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NEOKEM for Architects

Consistent high quality

For over 30 years, all powder coatings have been produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, consistently guaranteeing their high quality.

Aesthetics and durability are of primary importance for us. We follow the latest developments, and we draw inspiration from the market, designing and developing powder coatings which meet high standards in quality and aesthetics, in cooperation with well-known aluminum fabricators and architects.

The result is powder coatings that combine the perfect look with high durability. Our coatings protect, aesthetically enhance and add value to your construction.

We seek to ensure the maximum number of advantages for our partners, providing a full range of colors, as well as high-end technical and customer support.

We focus our creativity, research, and expertise into supporting our partners’ needs with innovative products and services.

The ΝΕΟΚΕΜ Super durable powder coatings have been specially designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and at the same time, we achieve excellent resistance to mechanical properties such as scratches and abrasion.

How does powder coating affect aesthetics and durability?

Powder coating in architectural aluminum systems is one of the most important factors in the aesthetics of the architectural construction, while also determining its appearance over time.

The international trend in modern architecture is the use of Super Durable Powder Coatings.

Super Durable powder coatings are at least three times more resistant than standard powder coatings. They protect, aesthetically enhance and add value to the constructions.

Why should the architect – designer pay particular attention when selecting the powder coating?

The excessive and consistent exposure of the Powder Coatings to UV radiation can cause various signs of damages such as discoloration, fading, poor color retention and chalking. Unfortunately, these damages once they begin to occur, are irreparable.

Whenever the environmental conditions are harsh, (e.g. high levels of sunlight, harmful UV radiation) we can avoid or minimize premature fading and loss of gloss by specifying and using weatherable Super Durable Powder Coatings.

Are there technological developments and solutions in the powder coating sector?

Technological developments in the electrostatic powder coating industry add to the options currently available to architects – designers new, affordable solutions, such as the Super Durable Powder Coating.

With Super durable powder coatings, we achieve

  • protection from high intensity solar radiation
  • excellent resistance to mechanical properties such as scratches and abrasion which occur particularly in high-usage areas, such as schools, hotels, hospitals, offices, commercial spaces

Which Super Durable powder coatings collections does ΝΕΟΚΕΜ recommend?

Prisma Collection
Special Effect Super Durable Powder Coatings

The collection consists of three unique thematic series, and numbers 50 unique color shades on matt and fine-textured metallic surfaces.

Sahara & Riviera:

Impressive color shades with metallic effect on sandblasted surface finish.


Dynamic shades with metallic effect with matt surface finish and new, modern shades with fine texture metallic effect finish.
All colors of the collection are certified with the international quality label Qualicoat (Class 2). Super durable powder coatings are at least 3 times more resistant in outdoor conditions compared to standard powder coatings.

See the shades of the collection.

Ammos Collection
RAL Super Durable Powder Coatings

The collection consists a wide range of popular RAL Super Durable Powder Coatings.

The color shades are approved according to Qualicoat, Class 2.

See the shades of the collection.

What is the benefit of the architect-designer from his collaboration with NEOKEM?

We apply our skills and experience to support our partners in improving their performance through continuous communication, collaboration and information. We provide the designer with color charts, color essays, which will help him choose the shade, as well as specifications and technical data sheets.

We continuously support the quality of our products at a commercial and technical level. NEOKEM’s highly trained staff provides reliable solutions and responds with utter professionalism to your needs and provide support regarding the design, information and service of NEOKEM coatings.
We are able to swiftly respond to our customers’ preferences in the best possible way, through our extensive network of subsidiaries and sales partners, both in Greece and abroad.

Where can I find Neokem color charts?

Neokem has established a wide network of Subsidiaries and Sales partners.

Please contact the Partner who is located in your country. Our Partners will be eager to collaborate with you.

For more details click here.

Neokem powder coatings and certificates

The polyester powder coatings series for architectural applications of NEOKEM are approved according to Qualicoat by the European Aluminum Association. Certain product series are also approved according to the standards of GSB International Organization, while the Sublimation base coats for wood decoration bear the Qualideco certificate.
You may find and download the certificates in the link below:

NEOKEM Super Durable Colors available as Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects for download and use

The Special Super Durable Powder Coatings of the PRISMA Collection and the Super Durable RAL Powder Coatings of the AMMOS Collection are available for use in BIM through the BIMobject® platform.

The BIM process allows fabricators, architects and interior designers to access technical information, detailed properties, certifications and specifications related to BIM objects.

Professionals can benefit from the efficient digital workflow, which will improve the speed and quality of the specification process. They can also access directly NEOKEM’s color libraries which can be used in design software such as Autodesk Revit to create new projects with NEOKEM products.

Where can you find BIM files?

The Special Super Durable Powder Coatings of the PRISMA Collection and the Super Durable RAL Powder Coatings of the AMMOS Collection are available for use in BIM through the BIMobject® platform.

Find and download BIM files on the BIMobject® page.

How can we describe NEOKEM powder coatings?

The colors of NEOKEM can be described with the code and the description of the product.
Example of the PRISMA collection – special effect super durable powder coatings:
ΝΕΟΚΕΜ 518 Sahara Haven
Example of the AMMOS collection – RAL super durable powder coatings:

Application of NEOKEM powder coatings on modern and important buildings

Our long-term presence in the market of powder coatings and our cooperation with aluminum industries, coaters, modern architects and aluminum fabricators has resulted in the use of NEOKEM powder coatings to modern and important buildings.

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