NEW Low Temperature powder coating series

Neotec PP210 is a low temperature TGIC-free powder coating series, specifically designed to provide reduction of energy consumption during curing, and increase line speed for higher productivity.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast Curing process
  • Low Temperature Curing
  • Cost & Energy savings
  • Higher productivity
  • Easy application
  • Painting of heat-sensitive materials
  • Ideal for heavy parts
  • Suitable for galvanized surfaces
  • Good Outdoor Durability (U.V. Irradiation)
  • Very good anti-gassing properties
  • Cooler products – Fast packaging

The environmentally friendly Neotec PP210 offers valuable energy savings due to reduced oven temperatures and also cooler working environment that could benefit any customer. Also, Neotec PP210 is compatible with all conventional powder applications that could produce faster line speeds and increase productivity.

This is a new product series for customers who are looking for high-quality coatings with cost and energy savings, increased productivity, anti-gassing properties, and all known benefits of Neotec powder coatings.

** There are options of Smooth, Fine & Wrinkle Effect texture finishes available. Regarding Smooth and Wrinkle Effect texture finishes, restrictions to specific colors may apply.

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