Our Values

NEOKEM is the only pure play powder coatings producer in Greece and the biggest powder coatings producer in Southeastern Europe. Since 1972, we continue to grow with commitment to our core values: loyalty to the customer, innovation, quality and reliability, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

By consistently adhering to our values, we have created long-term relationships of trust with our local and international customers.

Loyalty to the customer

We provide products and services that consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

We listen to our customers, understand their current needs and cover their future ones, offering top quality at a reasonable price.

Our branded products, their quality and our constant interaction with our customers, are the means of creating long-term collaborations, based on reliability and mutual trust.

We operate as valuable consultants and our goal is to maximize the performance of our clients / partners.


Innovation for us means recognizing current and future market preferences and providing applied solutions.

We are in constant communication with our suppliers, partners and customers. In that way we manage to stay ahead of the market trends and adapt our products and services respectively.

Our Research and Development department combines creative thinking with experience and transforms the needs of our customers for innovation and advanced technology, into high quality products.

We systematically evolve our product range, shaping the new generation of powder coatings, that will ensure the competitive advantage of our customers, for years to come.

Quality and Reliability

The continuous development of NEOKEM is largely based on the values of quality and reliability. These are two very important values which are respected in every department of our company.

We do not sacrifice the quality of our products and services in exchange for short-term financial gains.

Our products and services comply with all given specifications. Wherever applicable, certifications ensure full product compliance in terms of quality. Decades of process optimization have established strict quality control procedures and have resulted in a remarkable batch-to-batch consistency record.

Aesthetics – Durability. One of our mottos is “Aesthetics built to last”.
Not only do we improve the aesthetics, but the lifespan of the architectural construction. We are committed in increased durability and performance at all levels (aging, corrosion, abrasion, scratching, etc.)

Consistency in high quality. For more than 30 years, all our powder coatings are produced in our modern manufacturing facilities, ensuring constant high quality.

Trust. Mutual trust is the basis for the long-term relationships we have developed.

Effective Communication. We respond promptly and reliably to customer requests.

Sustainability & Environmental Protection

Respect for people and their environment is one of our core values. Our people are in line with environmental culture and values, adopting environmental protection practices in their daily lives. With absolute respect to the environment, we produce powder coatings, optimizing product safety and ecological identity, without the use of solvents, heavy metals, and other toxic raw materials. We develop new solutions to address sustainability challenges and successfully develop a sustainable business.

As a result, NEOKEM products have, by design, a significantly reduced environmental footprint.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility.
This is a fundamental and timeless value for our business.
We take initiatives and actively participate in the events of our industry and our society.
We support industry events, with sponsorships, and our physical or digital presence.
We support our employees and we think of them as the most valuable capital of our business.
We take great care of our society, the local and wider communities that we operate in.