Prisma Collection

Prisma Collection

50 Super Durable Special Effect Powder Coatings

Our Prisma Collection has been updated! Continuing its long-established, successful presence, it offers an integrated solution for all architectural needs and contemporary design trends.

The evolution of Prisma is based on research, innovation, and the expertise of NEOKEM in Bonding; a state-of-the-art production technology, that offers color consistency and outstanding aesthetics built to last.

Creative collaboration with distinguished architects and designers

The Prisma collection renewal has been achieved through our collaboration with well-known architects and distinguished designers who specialize in the use and trends of color in construction.

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Inspired by global aesthetics and a fresh architectural point of view

A rich color palette comes in absolute harmony with nature and construction

Contemporary architecture interacts with nature, society, the landscape, and takes inspiration from history. With respect to this approach and considering the integration of construction in the environment, the new Prisma collection fulfills color demands in all fields mentioned above, in complete harmony with nature and the environment.

The new Prisma collection serves a wide range of design preferences from vivid, eye-catching colors to neutral, earthy tones.

Our solution to the market demand for high quality technological products

The Prisma collection consists of 50 Super Durable shades, providing a well-rounded solution for the current market demand for high quality products with advanced technological standards.

  • Prisma consists of three color series: Sahara, Riviera and Cosmos.
  • The colors combine aesthetics with outstanding responsive behavior to harsh outdoor conditions and high durability to prevent scratches and friction marks.
  • All colors of the collection are certified with the international quality label Qualicoat, Class 2.
  • Super Durable (Qualicoat, Class 2 certified) powder coatings are at least three times more resistant in outdoor conditions, compared to standard (Qualicoat, Class 1 certified) powder coatings.


Unique shades with earthy & impressive shades

The renewed Sahara series consists of 21 unique shades with earthy and impressive undertones, which have a sandblasted-like fine texture and a metallic effect.

The Sahara colors provide outstanding solutions for customers, as they follow modern architectural trends. The palette offers a wide range of color choices applicable to a variety of constructions, depending on the use and purpose of the building.


Light, vivid & soft recommendations

Riviera is inspired by the vivid color palette observed in rivieras around the world. The renewed Riviera series consists of 15 color shades with a sandblasted-like fine texture and a metallic effect. All shades work together in harmony, combining light, vivid and soft color recommendations.

Riviera combines unique shades such as coral, sky blue and icy green, offering a well-rounded palette for both traditional and innovative architectural designs.


Bold & soft color changes

Cosmos in Greek means world. Therefore, our renewed Cosmos series is inspired by the natural landscapes of the world. It includes a combination of bold and soft shades which work together to highlight the dynamic features of a building.

The Cosmos series includes 14 shades with a variety of bold and soft colors. The renewed series still includes eight vivid matt shades on a smooth surface and is now enriched with six new, modern shades with a sand-blasted-like fine texture and metallic effect.

The photos depict in a realistic way the shades of the collection, but they remain indicative. The colors and textures of the actual colors may differ due to different configurations of each screen. Request the color chart of the collection.

Certified super durable powder coatings

All colors of the collection are certified with the international quality label Qualicoat (Class 2).

Super durable powder coatings are at least 3 times more resistant in outdoor conditions compared to standard powder coatings.

The new prisma collection offers the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) transparently reports objective, comparable and third-party verified data about products and services’ environmental performances from a lifecycle perspective. You can find the EPD® super durable powder coatings at the database of the International EPD® System.


NEOKEM Super Durable Colors available as Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects for download and use

NEOKEM has created digital models (BIM) of the architectural application products.
The BIM process allows fabricators, architects and interior designers to access technical information, detailed properties, certifications and specifications related to BIM objects.

FAQs about PRISMA collection!

Why should professionals and homeowners pay particular attention when selecting the powder coating?

The excessive and consistent exposure of the powder coatings to UV radiation can cause various signs of damages such as discoloration, fading, poor color retention and chalking. Unfortunately, once these damages begin to occur, they are irreparable. Whenever the environmental conditions are harsh, (e.g. high levels of sunlight, harmful UV radiation) we can avoid/minimize premature fading and loss of gloss by using resistant, Super Durable powder coatings.
At the same time, due to their specially designed surface, they protect the aluminum systems of your home, from scratches, friction marks and  other damages.

You can download the relevant brochure and find out more about the benefits of Super Durable colors:

Super Durable Powder Coatings

NEOKEM for homeowners

Are all the shades of the Prisma collection Super Durable?

All colors of the collection are certified with the international quality label Qualicoat, Class 2. Super Durable powder coatings are at least three times more resistant in outdoor conditions compared to standard powder coatings.

What is the texture finish of Prisma Collection shades?

All the shades included in the series, Sahara & Riviera have a sandblasted-like fine texture and metallic effect.

The Cosmos series still includes bold shades with a matt metallic effect on a smooth surface, and is now enriched by new and modern shades with a sand-blasted-like fine texture and metallic effect.


Are the new Prisma colors in stock?

Yes, the new Prisma colors are in stock. Neokem has an extensive sales network; we keep in stock and deliver a wide range of powder coatings in several countries around Europe.

Will NEOKEM continue to keep stock of the previous Prisma colors that are excluded from the new collection?

Yes, all colors of the previous Prisma collection will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.

Is the Mesogeios color series discontinued?

No, the renewed Riviera series was previously known as Mesogeios. It now consists of 15 shades, six of which are completely new.

What are the major references of NEOKEM?

NEOKEM is in the powder coatings business since 1986.

Due to our long, active presence and our long-standing collaboration with aluminum system manufacturing companies, architects, coaters, and decorators, we have a rich gallery of references.

We are happy to present to you some of our distinctive references!

Request the color chart of the renewed Prisma collection

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