Privacy Policy

The company “NEOKEM SA” (Henceforth the “Company”), respects the privacy of Natural Persons and takes very seriously the necessity to protect their personal data.

The specific text provides, to any person who offers services to the Company and for any person who interested to receive or/and already receives services from the Company and to every visitor/user of the Company’s website, (henceforth the “Website”), general information that concerns the practices are followed for the management and the protection of user’s personal data.

What is the purpose of the GPDR Privacy Policy?

The present Policy aims to inform the way that the personal data is collected, stored, used and by chance transmitted by the Company, the safety measures that the “Company” receives for its protection, the purpose of the use and the period of the observance’s personal data including the type of the collected –by the “Company”– personal data too. Concerns every action or row of actions that occurs with or without the use of the automated means on the personal data or on sums generally, such as the collection, the entry, the organization, the arrangement, the store, the adjustment, the modification, the retrieval, the information’s searching, the use, the sharing, the transmittal, the dissemination and any kind of disposition, the association or the combination, the limitation, or the deletion or the destruction. The “Company” maintains the right to update, modifies, add, and change its services and its present policy, from time to time, whenever judges it is necessary, without notification, always within the applicable legal frame and in accordance with any changes to the applicable data protection legislation. The “Company” encourages any person to inspect the current Policy, periodically, in order to be informed for the changes that have happened.

What is Personal Data?

Personal Data is any information that has to do with a specifically identified person. The Company will not process your personal data without a legitimate basis for it.

How does the Personal Data collect?

Your personal data is collected with these ways below:

(a) When you provide it to us

(b) Automatically through the browser, you use to access on the Company’s Web site

(c) When a third partner of us provide it, on account of you have given your consent to this.

In cases that your approval is required for the collection of your personal data, such as the download of a newsletter, it is asked by you and you have the right at any time to revoke it.

What kind of personal data is collected?

The “Company” edits the personal data that is necessary for the purpose that is collected.

In spite of the data you provide for the “Company”, in case of your browsing on a “Website”, it is possible some technical information that is personal data to be collected. For example the internet protocol address (“Internet Protocol address”) of your device (e.g. computer, laptop, tablet computer, smartphone). This technical information is used for the smooth operation and output of the websites and the e-services and is not stored permanently in the Company’s infrastructure.

What are the principles that have to do with the edit of the Personal Data by the “Company”?

The “Company” edits your personal data legally and appropriately for specific reasons. Your personal data that the “Company” edits, is restricted for the absolutely necessary for the achievement of these purposes, is accurate and timely, are respected only for the period that is required for the purposes of processing, are protected by adequate security measures and are not passed on to third countries.

 Who collects the personal data and for what purpose? Does it transmit to other users?The personal data is collected and edit by the authorized, per section, employees of the “Company” for purposes and only of the service of our contractual or other relationship, or for the purpose of your information that has to do with Company’s activities and services when you have given us your consent to that effect. The Company is committed that, subject to above, that will not transmit, provide, publish, share your personal data, with or without exchange, nor is going to use it in other way and/or for other purposes, unless you have consented to this or if required by law, a court order/order, and an administrative act.

For how long my personal data is respected?

Your personal data is respected only for as long as is necessary for the service of your purpose that is collected and the assurance of the rights and the accomplishment of the Company’s obligations.  What are my rights? What can I do if I have an issue with the process of my personal data?  You got the right, any time, to ask us what is the personal data that we edit, what are the purposes of the editing, if we share it to other users and to whom and some further relevant information. Furthermore, you got the right to receive a copy of your personal data after your application, or apply for your data’s update or/and correction, the pause or/and the reduction of the data’s editing and, if there is no other maintenance obligation by the law, the delete from the systems of the “Company”’. In addition, you still got the right of portability/objection or/and the reaction to the processing of your personal data.

You can exert all your rights above if you make your application by email address

The Company will make every effort to ensure that your request can be answered without delay. If you submit the request via the internet, the response will be provided to you, if possible by electronic means, unless you request otherwise (eg written letter).

You got also the right to submit a statement or complaint to the relevant Supervisory Authority (Personal Data Protection Authority, Kifissias 1-3, PC 115 23 Athens, if you believe that there is a violation of the law, regarding the protection of your personal data or in the case of a legal and reasonable objection of how your data is processed.

Is my personal data safe?

The “Company” regards very substantial the privacy or the protection of the individuals, who edit their personal data, such as customers, and/or cooperators, employees or others and always tries its best to secure the data of its users, to be confidential on its integrity. (Not to be spoiled, not to be accidentally destroyed, etc.).

The “Company” takes all the appropriate organized measures that are designed for the protection of information from loss, wrong use, not unauthorized access, disclosure, distortion or destruction and takes care for the righteous and legal collection and processing of the data that has personal characteristics. Moreover, the “Company” takes care of the safe adherence in accordance with the legal provisions, regarding the protection of the individual from the processing of personal data, as well as the decisions of the Data Protection Authority, safeguarding the confidentiality of any information which is brought.

The access to your data is limited for the authorized employees and cooperators of the “Company” who are restricted to the confidentiality (employees, service providers) and it is regarding that it is obvious needed to know all these details for the provision of the products and the services or for the execution of their work.

The Company explicitly prohibits the use by the personnel and the cooperators, inside the working environments, of photographic cameras, video cameras, as well as the use of camera and video capture functions on mobile phones.

How do the collection and the processing of my personal data occur?

The collection of the personal data on “Company’s website occurs whether you provide that kind of data (e.g. in order to be informed for services/actions of the “Company”), with the use of “Cookies” or similar applications. (See below the next question for more details).

What cookies and internet tags are?

The cookies are some small text documents that contain information that is stored on the internet browser of user’s/visitor’s computer through his/her browsing on the Website and it can be removed anytime. What is more, cookies can remove from the browser any time. The “Company” also uses cookies for the following reasons:

  • For the smooth operation of the Websites, with the required speed
  • For the identification of the device which you use for the internet navigation on the Websites of the browser or/and the operating system you use, in order to provide a personalized experience of navigation and/or use of the Company’s Websites.
  • For the store of your settings during your visit or between your visits (for example the username has been given, your suggested language, or the use of social media networking sites), in order to avoid the re-type some data.
  • For the improvement of the efficiency or/and the safety of the Websites.
  • For the provided content that is based on your interests and your needs.
  • For the analysis of how do you navigate or/and use the Websites.

The “Company” Does not use cookies:

  • For the collection of your personal data without your permission
  • For the transmittal of your data to the advertising companies
  • For the transmittal of your data to other individuals, without your permission

The cookie’s types are used on Websites of the Company are “persistent cookies” and “session cookies”. Moreover, some other services of other individuals that are activated on the Websites, such as the “social media buttons”, place their own cookies on your PC, but the control of them does not belong to the administrator of the “Company”.

The session cookies that used by the Websites of the Company are deleted after the end of your navigation or/and after the closure of the browser. The persistent cookies remain on your PC or another device until you delete them or until the default duration of the cookie.

You can adjust your browser in a way, so that warn you for the cookies use at a specific service of the Websites, or not to allow the approval of the cookie’s use in any case. For further information regarding the general use of the cookies and the block methods or limitation of them, you can find on the websites and

You can also delete the cookies from your PC or your device, whenever you want. Nevertheless, it is marked that without your acceptance of the cookies or some of them, it is possible some of the attributes of a website not to be entirely available.

Company’s Websites use, also, “internet tags”. This specific method is used, in order to count the response of the Websites’ visitors.

The Company ensures that through the “internet tags” and the cookies do not collect or searched personal, recognizable information that has to do with the visitors of the websites, such as names, addresses, e-mails or telephone numbers.

What about with the links on the other websites?

It is possible the Websites of the Company to contain referrals via hyperlinks to other websites for the content and the services. The Company has no responsibility for that. In addition, it does not give assurance of safe and continuous accessibility too. The Company, in any case, cannot be regarded that accepts or adopts the content or the services of these websites, these hyperlinks or any connection with them, in any way. For any problem, during the navigation to these websites above, the exclusive manager is the owner/owners of these websites. Concerning about hyperlinks to other web pages, the Company is not responsible for the terms of administration and protection of personal data that are followed.

We use social media networking sites to promote Website’s achievements and services, through widely used and contemporary channel. The use of the social media by the Company it is mentioned especially on the Websites.

The Company strongly encourages the users to take advice on any corresponding policy any other actor (Provided services Companies, searching, “search engines”, Social Media Networking Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc), in order to inform for the practices that follow, purposing the protection of their personal data.

The Company’s websites it is likely to contain promotion material with promotional/informative content, purpose and character. The Company is not responsible to any visitor/user, as well as to any other individual for any illegal action or omission, inaccuracy or inability of conformance to the laws and regulations of any country or the European Union in relation to the content of these updates. The Company is not obliged to check or not the legality or not, of the informative material, that is mentioned to the websites above. As a result, it is not possible to impute the Company for any kind of responsibility. The specific responsibility weighs on the advertisers, sponsors or/and the creators of the promoted advertised material.

For any issue regarding with your personal data or/and for further information, you can contact

The present policy was updated on 23 July 2018.