Systemy Antykorozyjne

Neotec AC anticorrosion powder coating systems offer outstanding durability and are based on the low-bake, Zinc-Free NEOKEM Epoxy Primer E20/PR and all outdoor NEOKEM topcoats.

A. Qualisteelcoat & QIB approved Systems

  • C4-H Corrosivity Category for Zinc Phosphated and Grit or Shot Blasted steel substrates.
  • C5-H Corrosivity Category for Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG) substrates.
  • Based on the Zinc-Free formula of E20//PR and all Qualicoat Class 1 approved Neokem topcoates, Neotec AC corrosion protection systems ensure the ultimate corrosion protection, end-product life cycle and environmental responsibility.
  • All Qualicoat benefits, using Qualicoat approced Neokem topcoats.

Fields of use

  • Transportation
  • Architectural metallic structures
  • Bridge elements
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Fences

General Features

  • Environment friendly. Zinc-Free – No VOCs
  • Economy. 34% more m2/Kg *
  • Excellent anticorrosion efficiency
  • Excellent performance and protection
  • Easy application. Better transfer efficiency *
  • Better coverage of difficult areas
  • Less wear on equipment. Less abrasive powder *
  • Superior durability
  • Improved productivity. Fast Curing, less cost – especially in large and heavy parts
  • Less energy consumption – Lower temperature curing, starting from 10′ at 140oC
  • Very good storage stability

*compared to Zinc-Rich primers


  • Steel, Zinc Phosphated
  • Steel, Grit or Shot blasted
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG)

B. Industrial Systems

  • Excellent corrosion protection with all outdoor industrial Neokem topcoats.
  • Anticorrosive powder coating systems Neotec AC, provide the highest corrosion protection even under aggressive environments C5 according to ISO 12944, when used on a HDG steel surface preparation, or C4 environments for Zinc Phosphated and Grit or Shot blasted steel substrates.

Fields of use

  • Industrial Machinery
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Fences
  • Transportation
  • Electrical Panels

Targeted Durability According to ISO 12944 Corrosivity Categories
SubstrateSurface preparationCoating micronsC2C3C4C5
E 20/PRT.C.

Remove rust, scale, grease, oil, dust, etc.
1. Zinc Phosphating plus passivation Qualisteelcoat Appr. No.: PE-0079, QIB-0035
2. Grit or Shot blast: Sa ½ (ISO 8501-1), Surface Roughness: 50-80μ, Qualisteelcoat Appr. No.: PE-0080, QIB-0035
3. Sweeping or zinc substrate in accordance with EN 15773, loss not more than 10% of the zinc layer thickness Qualisteelcoat Appr. No.: PE-0087, QIB-0041

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