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NEOKEM for Fabricators

The contemporary aluminum fabricators are very important, for the building industry.

These professionals select very carefully the right architectural Aluminum systems the right accessories, and the right Power Coatings to ensure the High Quality of the final product.

Their craftsmanship, improves the performance characteristics of the final product (facades, windows, doors), and the satisfaction of the customer.

NEOKEM has established a close collaboration with well-known Aluminum Fabricators.

Their experience and expertise is a very important input for R&D department in order to create, produce and deliver quality products and services.

Our powder coatings characteristics, are offering very important benefits such as aesthetics, functionality and durability.

To support this sector we have developed a wide range of premium Architectural Polyester Powder Coating products with a variety of Shades, Gloss Levels and Finishes.

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