Qualisteelcoat Certification

Neokem is delighted to announce that its Anticorrosive Powder Coating systems based on the low-bake, zinc-free epoxy primer E20/PR and all Neokem topcoats approved with Qualicoat, has been approved from Qualisteelcoat and QIB, as system ST2, for corrosivity category C4H. This applies to steel surface preparations of Iron Phosphating plus passivation, Zinc Phosphating plus passivation, and mechanical (Grid or Sandblasting).

The anticorrosive powder coating systems of Neokem provide corrosion protection even under aggressive environments C5 according to ISO 12944, when used on a HDG steel surface preparation.

The Qualisteelcoat and QIB certifications, along with the zinc-free formula of all E 20/PR-based anticorrosive systems, ensure the ultimate Anti-corrosion Protection, end-product life cycle and environmental responsibility.


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