NEOKEM, since 1987 is involved in the Research, Development and Production of High-End Powder Coatings, suitable for the very demanding Hotel Sector. Our expertise, and our rich references is the proof of our experience and dedication in offering innovative powder coatings for the protection and decoration of the Hotels. We have developed Powder Coatings Collections with Popular Architects, especially designed to decorate, protect, and add value to the Hotel.

The very high intensity of solar U.V. radiation, in the Mediterranean region, in Africa, etc., inspired us to design Prisma Collection and Ammos Collection with color shades which are at least three times more resistant than standard powder coatings.

By using NEOKEM superdurable powder coatings Sahara & Mesogeios of Prisma Collection and RAL superdurable powder coatings of Ammos Collection for Hotel’s Aluminum Facades, Doors, Windows, Blinds, Pergolas, Railings, Garage Doors, etc. we offer:

  • Excellent durability in outdoor conditions
  • High resistance to scratches and abrasion
  • Texture stability leading to superior aesthetics
  • A wide range of modern classic and popular color shades

Please follow the link to see the brochures which contain information on HOTEL construction.